Join us for roundtable every second Thursday of the month at First United Methodist Church, in Bakersfield, CA! 

Roundtable is a great source for all kinds of information ranging from District and Council activities, mini training sessions, problem solving, policy information, networking and a lot of FUN!!

There are guest speakers, Character Connections, outdoor skill enhancement and discussions about the administrative side of Scouting.  Group Participation is desired - please bring your enthusiasm!

Roundtable is for...Scouts! 

Roundtable is for...Every Adult Leader to insure they know what is happening outside their unit in the world of Scouting.  The unit's program will benefit from this timely information.

Roundtable is for...Den Chiefs to learn what they can do to encourage cub scouts to move on into Boy Scouting.  A Den Chief can be an extremely powerful tool for a troop to attract Cub Scouts.

Roundtable is for...Senior Patrol Leaders to gather the skills and ideas they need to lead and exciting Boy Scout program in their troop.