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Ranger Award SCUBA Elective


Source: Ranger Guidebook 2001 - Subject to Change
  1. Become certified as an Open Water Diver by the Professional Association of Diving InstructorsExternal Link (PADI) or the National Association of Underwater InstructorsExternal Link (NAUI). If PADI or NAUI instruction and certification are not available, certification may be accepted from other agencies that comply with the Recreational Scuba Training Council (RSTC) guidelines, provided that such acceptance has been expressly approved by your local BSA council in consultation with the BSA national Health and Safety Service.
  2. Make a presentation to your crew, another crew, or a Cub or Boy Scout group on what it takes to become certified and some other subject related to SCUBA diving.
  3. Assist with a Discover SCUBA program. (Note: An Open Water Diver may assist with logistics under the guidance of the instructor conducting the program, but is not qualified to and is not expected to perform as a professional-level assistant such as a divemaster or assistant instructor.)
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