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Ranger Award Hunting Elective


Source: Ranger Guidebook 2001 - Subject to Change
    1. Successfully complete a hunter education course offered by your state wildlife/conservation agency.
    2. Learn and explain the requirements to become a volunteer hunter education instructor in your state.
    3. Explain how to report a wildlife-related violation to the appropriate law enforcement agency.
  1. Do (a), (b), or (c).
    1. Successfully complete a bowhunter education course offered by your state or the National Bowhunter Education FoundationExternal Link
    2. Successfully complete a National Muzzle Loading Rifle AssociationExternal Link Rifle Basic course.
    3. Participate in a National Rifle AssociationExternal Link - International Hunter Education AssociationExternal Link Youth Hunter Education Challenge event sponsored by your state.
  2. Do (a), (b), or (c).
    1. Assist a certified hunter education instructor with a hunter education course.
    2. Either plan or assist in putting on a National Hunting and Fishing Day program.
    3. Talk with a game warden/ conservation officer about his/her job. If possible, observe/assist at a game check station in your state.
  3. Plan and carry out a hunting trip approved by an Advisor.
  4. Make a tabletop display or presentation on what you have learned for your crew, another crew, a Cub or Boy Scout group, or another youth group.
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